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At the beginning of the 19th century began a phase of emigration from Germany (Idar-Oberstein) to Brasil (Río Grande do Sul), an area in which have been discovered rich deposits of agates, amethyst and variety of other minerals, where began to get the rough material to Germany.

These were always family enterprises, which kept its base in Idar, and sent any member of the family to buy – or extract – product in South America.

This process took place in the Becker family, but in more or less incidentally form around 1850, a branch of the family knew of the existence of sites in Northern Uruguay, particularly in the area of Catalan, and began conducting purchases and extractions.

At the end of the century (1890) August Becker, bought a fraction field in Catalan, where they settled to conduct business. Then formed a society Becker-Becker-Schuh.
Until the second World War (1939), the signature was called Becker & co and maintained the system to have their bases in Idar.
Then separated the two brothers, but not commercially, being in Germany Becker & Co being owner Osmar Becker, while in Artigas working independent Carlos Augusto Becker (grandson of August who had bought the land). So today reach the local company with the fifth generation of the Becker family. Currently the mines are still in the old Catalan field and the variety of products grows. The main products of the company are: agate and Amethyst.

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